Wednesday, May 12, 2010

African Djembe Drums

Drumming goes on everywhere in Africa: weddings, funerals, celebrations and all other rituals are performed to one beat or another.

Human beings walk, breathe and have a heartbeat – basically we are all rhythmic beings and drumming taps into that. Ordinary people can and are being transformed by the use of the ancient energy of the drum.

Group drumming is great for teambuilding and breaking down barriers between individuals and groups. It enhances the Alpha state and the effect is almost immediate, which can be sustained within the body for up to 72 hours.

Unlike most activities, drumming uses both sides of the brain, integrating logical and creative thinking, thereby enhancing focus and clarity of thought.

Take a look inside – we do performances with our band, teambuilding events, weddings, parties, fundraisers, product launches, teaching to private students, drum circles, tuition in schools and drum sales and repairs, to mention a few!

We tailor an event to your needs and even offer a full event coordination service including a variety of African bands and dancers, fully equipped DJ's, MC's, bar staff, security and medical assistance.

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